EP085: Top 20 universities for creating millionaires

Huzefa shares an article from Forbes Education that lists the 20 universities world wide that have created the most millionaires. Take a listen to see how your alma matter stacks up, and moreover, how the information might affect your child's choice of school.

EP084: Getting ready for school: how to develop an effective morning routine for your kids

In this episode, Huzefa shares an article from Frugal mom on the merits of developing an effective morning routine to keep your kids on point when preparing for school each morning.

To check out the article, go to http://www.frugal-mama.com/2012/08/ease-the-morning-rush-and-assign-simple-chores-with-a-get-ready-for-school-checklist/

EP083: ALEKS: an amazing online math education tool

Huzefa interviews Ray Ramos, a representative from ALEKS, an online math education platform. Ray talks about the inner workings of the platform, how kids can use it both at home and at school, and also answers questions from several of Huzefa's students.

For more information, go to www.aleks.com

EP082: Tips for high school freshmen

As the school year begins, Huzefa speaks to students and parents of students that are about to enter the brand new world of high school. Check out this episode to get seven powerful tips on how to make sure the first high school experience is not only fun but also successful.

To check out the related article, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/todd-vanduzer/7-high-school-tips-for-fr_b_8694068.html

EP081: Grit: the power of passion and perserverance

Huzefa shares a synopsis of an amazing self-development and parenting book called "Grit," written by psychologist and teacher Angela Duckworth. This book is a testament to the notion that hard work and commitment trumps innate ability, and moreover, there is a way to imbue children with the ability to tough it out.

EP080: Responsive classroom: a new approach to teaching

In this episode, Huzefa interviews Earl Hunter II, a responsive classroom expert and consultant, explains the ins and outs of this revolutionary style of teaching. For kids craving more social engagement and a higher level of passion at school, this is the episode for you.

To learn more, go to https://www.responsiveclassroom.org/

EP079: Summer reading: tips to get it done with happy faces

As the summer winds down, Huzefa shares tips on how to help motivate your kids to get their summer reading complete before the school year kicks off. Help your children avoid the anxiety of lingering work by motivating them in positive ways to get their work done in a fun and enjoyable way.

To check out a related article, go to http://www.celebrations.com/c/read/tips-to-get-kids-to-finish-their-summer-reading-lists

EP078: 10 books to prime you for success and maximum productivity

After receiving an email from a listener requesting a list of books related to leadership, Huzefa sits down to compile a full collection of all the most influential books he has read over the last three years. For the short list of the books (in no particular order), here they are:

1. The War of Art
2. The Power of Now
3. The Talent Code
4. The Power of Habit
5. The Inner Game of Tennis
6. Awaken the Giant Within
7. No More Mr. Nice Guy
8. The Obstacle is the Way
9. Awakening Your Inner Genius
10. David and Goliath

EP077: Back to school supplies: a short list of the essentials

Huzefa shares a quick list of back to school supplies for all students. Tune in to make sure that your child is at the height of preparedness, both at school and at home, when the school bell rings for that first time this year!

To check out a related article, go to http://www.greatschools.org/gk/articles/middle-school-back-to-school-supply-list/

EP076: Singapore Math with Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson, educator and Singapore Math consultant, joins the show to talk about the ins and outs of the Singapore Math pedagogy. Bill has worked with countless teachers across the country in an effort to train them to be effective math educators with the Singapore Math curriculum. Tune into this episode to hear precisely how this form of teaching works, and moreover, how to implement the strategies at home if your child's school is not a Singapore Math institution.

To check out Bill Davidson's show, go to www.teacherbilldavidson.com