After completing her training to become a pharmacist, Lisa Tran had second thoughts. Although her educational path had been long and costly, she had deep questions about whether her life was moving down the right path. Sure, her family was proud and her financial future seemed set, but she couldn’t escape the nagging feeling that she was meant to do something else. As her enjoyment for the profession began to fade, she was overwhelmed by an urge to pursue a different avenue. That avenue was in the realm of education, a path that she had already begun to plow.

While in school, Lisa Tran started an online company and YouTube channel called VCE Study Guides. For those unfamiliar with the Australian education system, VCE is a certification for those who successfully complete their high school studies in the state of Victoria. Lisa aptly noted long ago that there was not a reputable source for study aids with respect to VCE preparation. Accordingly, she launched VCE Study Guides in 2008. It has now grown to possess a healthy staff and a thriving YouTube channel with over 13,000 subscribers.

One of the most interesting pieces of Lisa’s story is her current focus on advising students regarding career choices. Since she herself had to struggle with choices and major transitions, often to the chagrin of her family members, she now devotes a great deal of time consulting young minds with regards to finding a pursuit of passion. In this episode, Lisa explains precisely how she mentors young students to make well-informed decisions about professional pursuits. For parents, this is a great episode to glean tidbits on how to best guide your own kids with respect to future endeavors. To get more information about Lisa, check out her YouTube channel and her company page, VCE Study Guides