As a teacher and private tutor, I interact with both middle and high school students regularly. One immutable fact that I have gleaned over the years is this: kids love YouTube. It provides a platform for videos about music, video games, fashion, and comedy to name just a few topics. Most of my students can recount every factoid about their favorite YouTuber. But my students don’t simply adore their digital role models, they seek to emulate them. In the last year, I’ve had at least 5 of my students between the ages of 10 and 16 launch their very own YouTube channel. Some have made channels about slime while others about sketch comedy and pranks. Kids today are fearless about putting themselves behind a camera and sharing their personalities with the world. Parents, however, are not so bold.

Many parents worry deeply about the images their children are projecting across social media. There is good reason for this. As the job market evolves in this highly digital time, scanning social media as part of the hiring process will only become more commonplace. Parents worry that without proper supervision and guidance, students could be setting themselves up for failure in the future.

I, of course, am a massive fan of YouTube and often encourage my students to put themselves on the platform. I recognize the concerns of parents, and admonish students that they should collaborate with their parents to avoid sticky situations in the future. I recently met a very talented individual who has done just that while in high school. Her name is Lauren Lee, and she is a YouTuber on the rise.

Lauren started her channel nearly two years ago during her sophomore year in high school. The deal she struck with her parents was that everything had to be reviewed before it could go live. It was an easy agreement to abide by because her channel was initially devoted to beauty tips. As the channel grew and evolved, however, the focus eventually shifted to travel. Again, her videos are upbeat and clean, so no issue has ever presented itself between her and her parents. With a subscriber base of over 4,000, Lauren is definitely an expert in the world of YouTubing. Tune into this episode to hear about Lauren’s journey and figure out how you can best guide your child in the quest for YouTube stardom. To learn more about Lauren, you can check out her amazing YouTube channel