In Episode 135 of the Scalar Learning Podcast, I spoke with Ross Jones, CEO of an edtech company called Emotuit. Jones is on the forefront of online learning with his revolutionary software that tracks and measures interest levels based on facial expressions. The purpose behind Emotuit’s powerful and sleek algorithm is to help educators better hone their lectures and assessments to maximize learning. Cerego is another ground-breaking education company with a similar purpose. What, exactly, is Cerego’s contribution to the eLearning space? In four short words, it’s this: masterful curriculum design guidance. Cerego has developed software that meshes with all sorts of education platforms. It allows educators to custom build lectures and assessments to optimize learning. What’s even more impressive is the software tracks how deeply various bits of knowledge are ingrained in a learner’s mind.  Why is this especially important? Because there is no “one size fits all” formula for learning. Different students learn at different rates via different methods. In order for a learning system to be truly effective across the board, it must be fluid and dynamic. Anything less will only work for a subsection of the student population.

Andrew Smith Lewis, Co-founder and CEO of Cerego, believes that his supercharged eLearning optimization tool is changing the face of education. Personally, I agree. But don’t take my word for it, take a look at the amazing partnerships Cerego has already managed to form. Major players in the education field like edX, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, McGraw Hill, and Harvard (to name a few) have integrated Cerego into their online learning tools. To learn more about this amazing company and how to get your students involved with Cerego backed learning platforms, check out the full podcast episode! To learn more about Cerego, go to