Duane Habecker has nearly 30 years of experience teaching mathematics. When it comes to classroom math education, Mr. Habecker is a master. His successful track record and trajectory have led him to the position of Mathematics Coordinator for all of Merced County. But Mr. Habecker is more than an impressive educator with a wealth of experience; he is a pioneer.

In the late 90s, well before YouTube had launched, Mr. Habecker began an experiment with video tutorials. He started recording himself giving math lectures on all sorts of topics. He then stored his videos on a Macintosh computer in his classroom. When students arrived at a new lesson, he would encourage them to watch a video from his math library. After reviewing the video, the students would then take to the textbook and begin solving practice problems. The experiment was a success, and Mr. Habecker’s students were mastering the material in an automated fashion.

When YouTube finally launched around Valentine’s Day of 2005, Mr. Habecker saw an opportunity to store his treasure trove of video tutorials online. By doing so, he empowered students from around the globe to watch and learn at their own pace. Fast forward to present day, and Mr. Habecker has an impressive 27,000 YouTube followers (and counting). His passion for education is palpable, and his video explanations are clear and to the point. He has spent a great deal of time building video modules for the Eureka Math curriculum, which is a hugely popular set of math textbooks used around the U.S.

While Mr. Habecker believes that video tutorials can be extremely effective for teaching mathematics, he maintains that there is a larger purpose at play with his YouTube channel. He contends that his method of teaching is training young minds to be lifelong learners. The world is changing rapidly, and the current way to imbibe information and learn skills is to figure things out on the web. We no longer require classroom instruction to build things and make products. Instead, all we need to do is run a quick Google search, find a solid video, and take notes. This means that the more frequently teachers make use of online learning, the better prepared their students will be for independent entrepreneurial pursuits as adults.

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