Project-based learning is the innovative way to teach students by “doing” rather than “watching.” It’s an action-oriented pedagogy that has been receiving rave reviews for its potent ability to convey information and transfer a discrete set of skills. In sum, it is a way for students to “gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.” Take this amazing vehicle for learning and combine it with the goal to spread awareness about social justice issues, and you get Rock Your World.

According to the site’s Acting Director, Jessica Burnquist, Rock Your World is an innovative curriculum that pushes students to ask tough questions about the world. It gives students the power to acknowledge the political and social climates around them and determine what needs to be changed. Moreover, it is a movement that empowers students to both learn about human rights and influence the enforcement of these rights on a global scale.

The beauty of Rock Your World lies within its flexibility. Students are not only able to choose a cause that motivates them, but they can then pick a medium by which to deliver a message. Students in the past have created popular blogs, songs, and educational videos. Projects that are especially impactful and persuasive are often featured on the organization’s website, a bit of added incentive for motivated students seeking to spread a particular message. To learn more about Rock Your World, tune into the full episode! To check out the website, please go to