It’s an amazing feat to have created several viral videos. Making content that is easily shareable and widely popular is hard, and many content creators devote thousands of hours to unlocking this tricky puzzle. As difficult as it can be to craft engaging and enjoyable content, it is even tougher to construct math focused video tutorials to have such a universal impact. Tyler Tarver has reached this amazing milestone with ease, having developed math videos on his channel that have reached well over 300,000 views. What’s special about Tyler is not the fact that he’s well versed in mathematics, or that he uses good imagery when explaining concepts. His special power is his amazing personality. He manages to inject a hefty dose of humor and excitement into each of his video lectures, a potent combination that attracts students in droves from all around the world.

Tyler first began a YouTube channel to share comedic skits with the world. When you watch some of his comedic shorts on his second channel, you can immediately tell that he has a knack for entertainment. He is confident, well spoken, and hilarious. He speaks quickly with a noticeable southern drawl, and his lack of inhibition makes his comedy truly funny. But I think he hits on the best combination of entertainment and education in his many math lectures. Tyler noted that he first began to make math videos simply so that his students had the opportunity to learn at their own pace. He did not initially intend for it grow as large or as quickly as it has. 

The fact that his YouTube channel, Tarver Academy, has become such an amazing resource for students seeking math help is a testament to Tyler’s incredible teaching talent. After spending 11 years in education, both teaching and working with administration, Mr. Tarver is a tried and true educator. He is on the forefront of the edtech world and a great role model for students everywhere. To hear all about Tyler’s journey in education as well as his top recommendations for education resources, check out the full episode. If you’re interested in watching and sharing his many math resources, visit his amazing YouTube channel at