It all began with a podcast. Back in the early 2000s, two gentlemen, Bartosz Gonczarek and Piotr Sliwinski, were looking for a way to make podcasts come to life with fun yet simple animations. They searched and searched for viable software options, but alas, nothing workable turned up. As such, they decided to build the software themselves. This is how “PhotoPuppet,” the predecessor to “Explain Everything,” was born. While PhotoPuppet was not a commercial success, it drew the attention of an ambitious education professional named Reshan Richards. Richards began his career as a middle school math teacher, and eventually went on to earn a doctorate in Instructional Technology and Media from Columbia University. Richards had a deep interest in whiteboard software and how it could be used to enhance classroom education. After Richards, Gonczarek, and Sliwinski discussed their goals and ambitions, they decided that it made most sense to team up and plow forward together as a development team. And just like that, Explain Everything was born.

Explain Everything is an incredible app that allows teachers and students alike to use various forms of media to build high content presentations. According to their website, “teachers use Explain Everything for creating videos and interactive experiences for students. They both prepare materials in advance and start from a blank canvas.” It’s an amazing way to make education dynamic and customizable for all varieties of learning styles. As Reshan noted, the ideal usage in a classroom does not require universal deployment. A productive class would likely have some students reading, others engaged in a discussion, and only a portion using Explain Everything. It is a multimedia tool meant to enhance learning when its usage is warranted.

If you are interested in using Explain Everything for a class, a single student, or your own child, make sure to tune into the entire episode. Reshan goes into detail about the amazing applications of the app, and also dishes out some newsworthy information regarding the development of unveiled features of the software. For more information about Explain Everything, go to