English can be a notoriously difficult language to learn, especially for those who must learn English as a second language. But English Tree TV aims to combat this difficulty with animations, songs, and videos that teach basic English by encouraging students to engage with the videos.

The idea for English Tree TV was born as a result of its founder, Adam Williams-Walters, witnessing innumerable students struggle while learning the language at the public school in South Korea. After watching countless students struggle at the high school where Adam taught, he finally decided to build a solution. English Tree TV has since amassed over 185,000 subscribers in the past three years, with a cumulative 113,00,000 views on his more than 70 videos.

Adam also creates lesson plans, worksheets, games, presentations, flashcards, and other free resources that go hand in hand with the videos to help teachers and parents educate their students most effectively. The content is entirely free and available to anyone.

His videos are often nursery rhymes or creative songs that focus on different topics, including emotions, fruits, animals, numbers, colors, and other similar subjects that help kids learn the fundamentals of English. The repetitive nature of the lyrics along with the bright animations make each video memorable enough that the language lessons stick. For more advanced learners, some videos focus on full sentences and grammar.

To learn more about English Tree TV, visit the website at www.englishtreetv.com or the YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4GaQ9fCH5IpAq1AImj7XuQ. To hear the full interview with Adam, check out the entire podcast below.