In 2015, Kids Learning Tube was created, a YouTube channel that aims to “educate kids of all ages with original music and animation.” In the years since, it has grown to over 250,000 subscribers who regularly tune in to watch weekly videos about a wide variety of topics ranging from geography to the periodic table.

Today, there are almost 200 videos uploaded to the channel. Many of them focus on learning the geographic regions of specific countries, with the regions themselves singing and introducing each of them. For example, in a song about Sweden’s counties, one such county is given an animated face as it sings, “Norrbotten is my county name; in the north you’ll find me. Luleå’s my capital on the Gulf of Bothnia you see.” Each county introduces itself, and in the end, the counties come together for a jointly sung chorus. Such catchy tunes and clever animations keep kids engaged and eager to continue listening and learning.

Other videos focus on subjects such as learning anatomy, with different bones singing lyrics. Other memorable videos teach core concepts of physics, with detailed and technical songs about black holes and dwarf planets. For students interested in science topics, there is a suite of videos on concepts like the solar system and the Earth’s layers.

Memorizing facts and understanding concepts can be much easier for young students when said topics are presented in a format that makes it fun to engage with the content. This is exactly why Kids Learning Tube makes this type of content.

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