It all began when Ben Hehn, an elementary school teacher, brought his guitar to school one day to sing a song about long division to his students. They were interested, both by the song and the animations that accompanied it. This became the founding spark for NUMBEROCK, a YouTube channel that specializes in animated math-themed songs for students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

The goal was to create catchy songs that students would remember and use both inside and outside of the classroom. Few children willingly discuss math equations for fun if they’re not forced to in class, but singing songs about them is an entirely different story. Ben had several parents tell him that their kids were singing his songs wherever they went, allowing them to absorb and process new math concepts while having fun.

His channel now has over 50,000 subscribers and over 80 videos, most of which focus on math concepts, but some of which veer into other areas, such as U.S. presidents or counting in different languages. Each video is a song complete with animated characters ranging from Australian alligators to cartoon kids. Every video typically comes with a lesson plan for teachers to utilize.

The videos all focus on specific math concepts, which are the primary focus of the songs. Sillier aspects are added in to keep students’ attention while still being informative and educational. Many of Ben’s videos are free, but his entire library of videos, lesson plans, and other materials can be accessed through a paid subscription.

To learn more about NUMBEROCK, visit Ben’s website at or check out his channel at To hear the full interview, listen to the podcast below!