Preschool is one of the most important time in a child’s learning development. Sockeye Media’s Mother Goose Club has reinvented the world of early learning by bringing characters to life through nursery rhymes and live action filming. The content is predominantly aimed at young children, with the goal being to develop reading skills and literacy from a young age.

The six characters that star in these videos and songs are Baa Baa Sheep, Eep the Mouse, Little Bo Peep, Jack B. Nimble, Mary Quite Contrary, and Teddy Bear. These characters “inspire viewers to interact with rhymes” through memorable lyrics, engaging plot lines, and choreographed dances. The videos foster a love of learning from the beginning, letting kids go on to be successful in primary and secondary school with a strong foundation in vocabulary and reading skills.

The Mother Goose Club YouTube channel now has over 4.7 million subscribers, with sister channel Mother Goose Club Playhouse at 3.1 million subscribers. The videos have amassed billions of views since the channel’s founding. The show is also available on Netflix and local PBS stations, boasting four Midsouth Emmy awards, 19 nominations, and 12 other industry awards.

The website has over 90 rhymes in videos and songs. It also provides resources for teachers and parents such as lyrics, coloring pages, activity plans, and other tips.

Building literacy from a young age is essential to educational success later in school. Sockeye Media and Mother Goose Club ensure just that.

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