The popular YouTube channel Physics Girl began as a fun personal project for Dianna Cowern, who simply wanted to spread her love of physics after college. But it quickly grew into much more — today, it has close to a million followers as a channel that advocates for women in STEM and serves as a resource for teachers and students alike.

Dianna has done research at MIT and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, looking into dark matter and low-metallicity stars, as well as worked for GE designing software apps. She now works at UCSD as a science outreach coordinator. Her channel is also sponsored by PBS Digital Studios.

The Physics Girl channel features demonstrations, interviews, research, and all things physics- and science-related. Her most popular videos have millions of views, focusing on topics such as how to make a cloud in your mouth or what causes certain optical illusions. But her videos can range in subject matter to pretty much anything, as long as she’s explaining the world through science and physics.

Dianna’s work revolves around more than just making videos — Dianna also wants to encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM. By representing female physicists on the Internet and to such a wide audience, she can begin to normalize the idea of girls entering these typically male-dominated fields.

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