Comedy and education don’t often mix, but when they do, it can make for some of the most effective learning. This is what Jay Foreman, a British singer-songwriter, set out to do with his work.

His YouTube channel features most of his songs and videos, which can focus on politics or infrastructure or random songs that he performs for kids. One of his more popular playlists is “Politics Unboringed,” where he explains a variety of topics such as the inner functions of British democracy, how to decide who to vote for in elections, and why in some cases, voting is not necessarily the best choice. “Unfinished London” is another playlist of four videos explaining how London was so poorly planned, from motorways to airports to the Northern line.

Now with over 280,000 subscribers, Jay regularly posts updates to his channel. His videos aim to be both comedic and informative, and this is especially true with his videos aimed at a younger audience. He went on a United Kingdom tour recently to showcase his “Disgusting Songs for Revolting Children.” Some popular songs are more comedic, such as “Caterpillar Sick,” a song that goes into some detail about a car running on just that. The album also features tracks such as “No More Colours?” and “Stealing Food.”

However, he also writes and performs songs not targeted at children. One of his videos, “Singing one Syllable Out-of-Sync,” attracted over four million views, where he did exactly what it sounds like — he sang a single syllable of a song in the wrong place.

Many of his videos cover informative topics, such as tactical voting and the India-Bangladesh border. But even these are presented in a way that’s comedic while still being informative, with Jay and a friend, dubbed the Map Men, explain the geography and politics behind it.

Jay’s career as a comedy singer includes four sold-out shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and various honors at musical comedy awards.

To learn more about Jay, check out his channel at and listen to the full podcast interview below.