In 2013, a revolution in learning began. At the 3rd annual SXSWedu conference, a small audience was introduced to a way of learning that would eventually sweep the planet. An imaginative and creative platform was born, one that had been designed to allow students a plethora of ways to collaborate, learn, test, and understand concepts across the learning spectrum. This revolution in learning was called Kahoot!

Kahoot! had the potential to be massive from the get go, and has proved that it indeed contains the secret sauce for mass appeal and great success. In 2017, Kahoot reached over 1 billion participants, an incredibly massive milestone in the world of edtech.

Kahoot was founded by Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker, and Morten Versvik. This powerful triumvirate envisioned an online learning space where students could participate in the quiz and test making process. This ingenious spin on standard education has had a tremendous impact on learning standards worldwide. Students use the platform both as a way to refine understanding as well as prepare for in-class evaluations.

On this episode, I interview the CEO of Kahoot!, Asmund Furuseth. He shares with us the amazing journey of Kahoot! from inception to its overwhelming popularity today. He even discusses the exciting future for Kahoot, and most importantly, how it can be used effectively in all schools to further education. To learn more about Kahoot!, go to To listen to the full podcast episode, click below.