As technology evolves, so does the way we use it in our own development. Udemy is one such company that’s taken advantage of the widespread availability of the Internet and brought education online through a global marketplace. Udemy offers anyone the chance to learn “any topic, anytime” through their online platform. Starting at $10.99, there are approximately 80,000 courses currently available on Udemy, ranging in subjects from languages to IT to personal development.

Founded by Eren Bali in Turkey, Udemy’s mission was to make education accessible. Bali was motivated by his own lack of education until he acquired a computer and was able to find resources from around the planet. Today, the company is well on its way to making high-quality education a staple for everyone, with offices in California, Turkey, Ireland, and Brazil.

While traditional academic topics such as math and history are what’s most common on similar platforms, at Udemy, these core topics are only a small fraction of the vast amount available, covering a broad range. Many classes focus on personal and internal success, such as meditation, stress management, relationships, and mental health. Still others are about physical success, with courses in dieting, first aid, dance, and nutrition. Entire sections are dedicated to professional and career skills, such as business, software, marketing, and design, and even more to creative skills, such as music and photography. Any subject that comes to mind is most likely available on Udemy.

Instructors create a course with the help of a community of other Udemy teachers and Udemy’s training and resources, and they are paid each time someone purchases it. At this time, Udemy boasts over 35,000 instructors for 24 million students, each with unique courses that reach a far broader audience than they otherwise could have.

Udemy also offers a learning solution for businesses to allow their employees to access top courses relating to employee skills and development. Companies currently utilizing Udemy for job training include Lyft, Volkswagen, and PayPal, among others.

In this interview, Shelley Osborne, Udemy’s Head of Learning and Development, discusses millennials in workplace and the untrue stereotype of millennials as lazy and entitled.

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