Richard Biegel, founder of MindEDU, did not set out to join the burgeoning EdTech revolution. Nevertheless, he found himself drawn to the dynamic and meaningful world of education. Having spent over 30 years in commercial real estate and development, including a number of large scale projects in the Southwest as well as previously raising two children (now adults), Richard had no idea that the second time around would lead him squarely in the midst of early childhood education and development.

A year ago, while beginning the search for preschools for his twin daughters, he noticed that the information he was coming across had not changed much from the previous 20 years. After reaching out to notable educators, Richard noticed a serious disconnect between the life-changing research that was available and how little of it was known to the general public. It became apparent that something needed to be done after asking himself questions such as, “How do I raise my kids to be healthy and happy?”

Richard set out to reach the parents of young children when their minds are the most moldable and absorbative. Paired with an impactful health scare, Richard’s passion and mission became evident in his work through gathering leading academic advisors and contributors in their fields in one place. And that’s how MindEDU was born. It came about from a desire to bridge the disconnect between all of the great information available and the fact that the info has not yet been disseminated or properly conveyed. The MindEDU website conveys a wealth of knowledge in ways that are easily digestible and accessible to today’s parents. As we continue to integrate our lives with technology, MindEDU aims to bring trustworthy information that parents and educators can utilize to build a healthy foundation for our children. We are so fortunate to be able to watch this wonderful resource unfold in this early stage.