Through advancements in technology and the development of the growing EdTech field, we often find ourselves with a little too much of a good thing. We have comprehensive systems for every aspect of education, from student info to curriculum and learning platforms. While educational institutions utilize separate types of information management systems, ASSIST offers a streamlined single integrated education management system for K-12 schools.

In 2017, CEO and co-founder of ASSIST Michael E. Spencer found that there was a great need for a fully-integrated, student data (SIS), student learning management (LMS) and curriculum management (CMS) system. Building on the existing system constructed by a team of educational practitioners, this cloud-based platform provides seamless integration of the key components of an educational institution into one easy to use system.

ASSIST features benefits for districts and schools, including streamlined application and enrollment processes, student data management, and reporting. Many internal functions can be managed as well, including calendar organization, staff management, accounting, and professional development tools. Students and parents benefit from individual student portfolios, parent and student portals, increased communication with teachers, calendar features, and 24/7 access to valuable information.

Educators benefit from the multitude of features the cloud-based system provides, from your basic attendance and grade book to resource library and digital content management. ASSIST partners with over a dozen top education companies, allowing individual plans to be developed with access to their database of curriculum.

ASSIST offers deliverable programs in addition to their customizable content, notably the US high school diploma, English language learning certificate programs, and STEAM. The company has expanded into the international market with Malaysia set to implement the Flex School model and is in the process of developing many new and exciting features.