Andy Rahden is the new CEO of Shmoop, an award-winning digital publisher and provider of test-prep resources. No stranger to the EdTech industry, Rahden’s most recent success was with Pluralsight. His experience in teaching, however, goes back much further, and began when he was a mechanical engineer… solving problems and teaching others how to solve them as well.   

As the new CEO, Andy has already implemented user experience changes to the website aimed at increasing the speed at which students progress. The meaning of the word “shmoop” is to gain progress, and that’s exactly what the revamped user experience sets out to accomplish. The team at Shmoop has been analyzing the learning journey and how people digest content in order to customize each learner’s path to progress.

Listen as Andy and Huzefa discus test-prep, content creation, and the importance of humor in connecting with learners. Find out what else is in store for the digital education powerhouse, which is already being used by over 16 million students and teachers monthly!