A lot has changed since Adam Wilson, co-founder of Sphero, first became interested in Robotics. Inspired by the movie Short Circuit, Adam attempted to build his own robotics at the young age of 10, but it would take another decade, plus finding co-founder Ian Bernstein, before the two joined up to make the world of robotics, coding and programming both fun and accessible to everyone.  

Tune in to hear Huzefa and Adam discuss the endless learning opportunities Sphero offers. Their STEAM based tools are a hit in classrooms, where students can partake in a number of programming exercises, spanning topics from history to math. Rather than learning the Pythagorean Theorem on paper for example, Sphero teaches students in a more physically engaging way. By programming the math formula into their robot using code, students can watch in real-time as their robot drives itself to three points, forming a right triangle.

Robots range from the $49 Sphero Mini to the newest and most advanced, RVR priced at $249. Over the last few years, Sphero also launched a Computer Science curriculum so that coders and creators can take their robotics skills to the next level. It includes 24 lessons on computer science which can be applied to almost any type of automation one can imagine. The open API means that creators are only limited by their own coding skills and imagination. 

Adam and the team at Sphero receive an endless stream of feedback, from happy customers who never knew they were so tech-savvy until trying robotics and programming with Sphero. Learners of every age are using Sphero and anyone can get involved. Check out their community page, or join in the next Hackathon competition for a truly exciting learning experience!