Markus Hohenwarter is the founder of GeoGebra, a collection of engaging math apps that bring together algebra, geometry, and graphing, in one easy-to-use application. 

The GeoGebra math tools provide a visual way for students to learn math and science, from elementary school level through to college. The free tools include a scientific calculator, graphic calculator, and even a 3D calculator featuring augmented reality, allowing learners to see abstract math objects in the real-world… in their own virtual environment. The newest release also features an exam mode, which is being piloted right now, and which will hopefully be approved for use on the SAT and ACT tests in the near future. 

Staying true to their mission of making the technology available and accessible to everyone, the apps are completely free to download and available in over 60 languages! Listen now as Huzefa and Markus discuss how GeoGebra, initially created by Markus for his thesis project, has helped over 100 million students worldwide to date.