Skilled animator Mark Woods has found the perfect formula for keeping us glued to his educational YouTube channel, After Skool. 

The content is intriguing, the animation is engaging and the visual explanations are educating and easy to follow. We have to warn you that watching just one video on After Skool will likely take you on a quest for more knowledge, aka down an online rabbit hole.  The video description says, “The idea of most of the videos on After Skool, is to get you to question things. Believing everything in this video is just as silly as dismissing everything in this video. Both are lazy styles of thinking.” Mark urges all his viewers to “stay curious and NEVER stop questioning things.”  And with almost 60 million views on his channel, there’s a lot of thinking going on After Skool.

Mark is the master-mind behind the channel and the source of the questions behind each video. A favorite question of his was, “Why Don’t Country Flags Use The Color Purple?” The question garnered 4 million video views in one day, and ultimately resulted in his children’s book of the same name. Do you know why country flags don’t use purple? Think it over, then get the answer at the link below.

Give your brain a workout and discover ideas you’ve never encountered before on After Skool.





“Why Don’t Country Flags Use The Color Purple?”