At Cool School, kids can let their imaginations run wild while parents kick back knowing the content being consumed is safe and educational.

With more than 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, Cool School’s popularity has exploded in recent weeks as COVID-19 quarantines spread throughout the globe. Youngsters need new ways to fill their time, and parents are rapidly searching for at-home study solutions.

Geared for children from 3-8 years old, Cool School features a zany cast of characters doing different virtual tasks, including reading sessions, art and craft projects, as well as lessons in personal hygiene and being polite. The tales being told truly come to life through detailed visual storytelling and excellent acting skills from the cast.

In this week’s podcast Huzefa chats with Scott Weitz, CEO and founder of Driver Studios, the producer of Cool School’s clever and ever-evolving content. It’s a fun conversation related to a brand of educational technology that’s starting to gain some serious traction online.

“We want to create stuff that really inspires kids’ imaginations,” said Weitz, a father of five. “Inspire kids to see things that really create curiosity — we want to see kids get up and do things and really feel great about themselves.”

Ms. Booksy makes reading an adventure; Crafty Carol brings out the best do-it-yourself projects; and Drew Pendous is always taking part in some type of head-scratching journey. These are the most popular characters on the Cool School channel. But according to Weitz, Cool School will be introducing new characters in the very near future, with a particular focus on music and singalong melodies.

Huzefa is totally onboard with the content, and even threw his support behind developing a character who specializes in teaching mathematics to children.

“The way that (Cool School) is creating characters and generating content is by making sure you’re entertaining and gripping,” Huzefa says. 

“The ed-tech revolution is about, one, making the content engaging and, two, making it accessible.”

Cool School can be found on YouTube, Instagram and via their app. To hear to Huzefa’s full conversation with Scott Weitz, please click on the link below:


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