Kick your brain into high gear with mind maps, a powerful brainstorming tool that encourages users to create a steady flow of original ideas covering a wide range of topics.


Michael Hollauf, CEO and co-founder of MindMeister, joins Huzefa on this week’s podcast to discuss how his company continues to develop its impressive mind-mapping software. Since 2007, MindMeister has been at the forefront of this online, information-sharing technology, working with students, teachers, small-business owners and even big-time corporate executives on an abundance of unresolved issues.

In explaining what a mind map is, Hollauf compared it to a tree diagram with a main topic in the middle. Branches come off the main topic, creating subtopics and the structure for which a person or a group of people can begin to problem-solve.

“It’s super popular because it’s free flow. It’s not like a linear document where you write everything in one direction underneath,” Hollauf said. “It becomes a 2-D map where you can write everything where it belongs and where it comes to mind. . .

Mind maps “have proven to aid remembering and directly understanding a topic through and through. You use both parts of your brain. You use the creative, left side of the brain because of the visual presentation. And you use the right side because of the topics you write down, the general structuring,” he added.

Huzefa and Hollauf both agree that mind maps can be utilized in all walks of life, from classroom or work conference notes, to book summaries and literature-writing ideas. Science, math, law, entertainment — the possibilities for brainstorming topics online are truly endless.

MindMeister continues to expand its software services and has produced a new app called MeisterTask. The most exciting nugget of information that Hollauf provided, however, is that, in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, MindMeister has made all of its paid software free to educational institutions for the foreseeable future. Individual students who sign up for any paid services will receive a steep discount as well. The site also offers a basic plan at no cost.

This is a very interesting conversation between a pair of entrepreneurs who are helping lead the charge in the ed-tech revolution. Click on the link below to hear the complete interview.