This is such an incredible time to learn math.

Day by day, the internet continues to produce exciting new methods for honing mathematical skills, be it for kids, teens and even adults. There’s literally something for everyone, and each week Huzefa enjoys highlighting companies and individuals that are paving the way for this education technology boom.

In this week’s podcast episode Huzefa chats with Josh Martin, who started the Ludus Math Tutoring program on YouTube and Tik Tok, where he has more than 400K combined subscribers. Martin produces mathematical videos for YouTube that run anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours in length and cover a wide range of advanced subjects, such as calculus and linear algebra. His Tik Tok tutorials are much shorter in duration — ranging from 15 seconds to a minute long — and focus on topics such as algebra 1/2/3 and SAT/ACT prep.

The Tiki Tok clips have gained serious traction in the online math community as informative short-form content. The goal for all of his videos, Martin says, is to help bring clarity to mathematical issues that students often have trouble with.

“When I’m sitting in a lecture at college — right now I’m taking quantum (physics) — if I don’t understand something early on, it really kind of negatively impacts my understanding for the rest of the lecture,” Martin told Huzefa. “What I’m doing is aiming these videos at those roadblocks and trying to eliminate them as best as I can, so that the rest of the lecture will hopefully gain some clarity for these students.”

Martin is a high-motivated 20-year-old college student with a genuine passion for learning and teaching math. Hit the link below to listen to the entire conversation between a pair of guys with a serious passion for problem-solving.