What do video games and teaching have in common? Classcraft has the answer.

Participating in different types of games can be hyper-rewarding, and the founders of Classcraft have created a way to bring the same level of fun and motivation into the classroom.

This week Huzefa spoke with Devin Young, co-founder and President of Classcraft, an ingenious tool that revolutionizes and gamifies the classroom. Classcraft combines everything teachers love about education with all the things students enjoy about games and storytelling.

Classcraft is not a video game and there’s no increase in screen-time for students. They focus instead on fostering collaboration and teamwork, rather than competition between individuals. Students are organized into teams, and as they demonstrate support for each other they gain experience points, or “XP”. XP are based on non-curricular cognitive skills like collaboration, empathy, leadership, and communication.

With more than 7 million users worldwide, the popular platform is highly-customizable for teachers, schools, and districts. Teachers can define the “real powers” students will be rewarded with once they gain enough XP, such as the opportunity to hand in a homework assignment late, or being allowed to switch seats to sit with a friend. Students can also lose ‘Health points’ for things like making a mean comment or distracting the class.

One of the best features of Classcraft is how it transforms the culture of the classroom, helping to manage both behavior and motivation levels. Classcraft helps identify struggling students and students at risk — those who aren’t accumulating XP from their peers. This level of visibility is crucial for teachers and admins as well. Students become accountable to one another due to the emphasis on teamwork, and many a teacher will rejoice in hearing, “Hey… stop being loud or we’ll lose points.” Student’s naturally become invested in each other’s success and outcomes, and receive XP for helping and supporting one another. In the past, a struggling student might have been too intimidated to ask for help. With Classcraft, classmates directly offer help to each other and are rewarded for doing so. 

Classcraft has launched a wide range of resources designed to turn even the most problematic students into team players. Feedback has been impressive, with one student going from failing grades to the honor-roll in just six weeks. Kudos allows students to give each other praise and show they are grateful to one another, making school a more positive experience. Quest, another unique feature of Classcraft, turns a lesson plan into a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ story, with the goal of capturing students’ attention through storytelling. The powerful platforms also features integrations, such as with Google classroom, saving time and effort for teachers. 

Hit the link below for Huzefa’s entire conservation with Devin Young, and prepare yourself to enter the mesmerizing world of Classcraft.