Having amassed over 3 million subscribers on their popular YouTube channel Motivation2Study, Joel Huculak and Gordon Osborne talk to Huzefa this week about their successful mission to inspire, educate and help students of all ages. 

The channel features a huge amount of motivational content for students, with videos expertly edited to get to the core of the topic. By simultaneously pairing the right music with these powerful speeches, it delivers an extra punch of motivation you would not get from the original video alone. The speakers are often well-known (Elon Musk and Oprah have been featured this month) and the channel has cultivated the perfect formula to bring you their inspiring words in a condensed and highly entertaining format. 

The creator, Joel, has a background in engineering and utilized his free time after university to begin creating YouTube channels years ago. He personally found encouraging words to be so helpful in getting through his finals, he created the precursor to Motivation2Study, a channel called Motiversity, where he achieved 1 million views by just his third video! He was clearly onto something! 

Motivation2Study really took things to the next level when Gordon Osbourne came onboard and expanded the content available by forming partnerships and licensing exceptional content that he knew would resonate with their audience. He often finds speeches that have already gone viral in the past, or those from big names in the motivation sphere, looking for experts who can deliver results with their powerful advice.

The audience spans from high-school age up, and while entrepreneurial motivational speeches have been easily accessible for some time, student-focused content is harder to come by. Now more than ever students are benefitting from the channel’s videos covering an array of mental health topics, such as anxiety and depression. Not only do most high school curriculums fail to teach students how to go about studying, they often fail to teach necessary coping skills that will be relied on heavily as they enter the world on their own, heading off to college and university. 

This segment of students has been quite underserved and both Joel and Gordon could relate to the challenges of studying and the need for some added inspiration. Videos such as “Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off And Start Again” and “Stop Wasting Time” are lessons they personally benefited from during their time at University. (A favorite of Huzefa’s was “Ignore the Haters”)

You’ll find tons of tips, tricks and steps to take to study successfully woven throughout all videos but Huzefa put the pressure on Joel and Gordon to give us their TOP STUDY TIPS right now. Listen to the interview now to hear their genius answers….