EP057: Singapore math - a superb elementary pedagogy

Huzefa dives into an amazing methodology for math instruction called Singapore math. After using the curriculum himself for half a year and then attending an immersive workshop run by a Singapore Math expert named Bill Davidson, Huzefa shares everything he has learned to give insights to parents on how to tweak and optimize math instruction to improve fluency, conceptualization, and mastery of mathematics.

To check out Bill Davidson's website, go to http://www.teacherbilldavidson.com/

EP056: TeacherCast's Jeff Bradbury on technology and education

In this information packed episode, Huzefa is joined by education enthusiast and famed podcaster Jeffrey Bradbury, host of the top rated education show TeacherCast and Coordinator of Technology Integration for the Westwood Regional School District. Jeff joins the show to talk about technology and kids and, moreover, how to use technology effectively. Jeff also shares his opinion on video games and whether or not he feels they pose a threat to young kids.

To learn more about Jeff, go to http://jeffreybradbury.com
To check out the TeacherCast podcast, go to http://www.teachercast.net/

EP055: ISEE vocabulary development

Vocabulary is a major component of the ISEE, and in particular is tested directly on the Verbal Reasoning section of the exam. In this episode, Huzefa is joined by education expert Ron Seagal, owner of True Education Solutions, who discusses a plethora of excellent tips to get kids intrinsically excited about developing a robust vocabulary. Ron also shares his tips for the top notch education tools and apps that he uses for his students.

To contact ron, email him at ron@tesbest.com
To check out Wordly Wise, go to http://www.wordlywise3000.com/
To check out Newsela, go to https://newsela.com/

EP054: Birth of a theorem: part 1

This episode explores the Fields Medal, a prize that has been dubbed the Nobel Prize of mathematics. In particular, Huzefa discusses a recently purchased book called the Birth of a Theorem, a fascinating tale about what it's like to be a mathematician. The book is written by Cedric Villani, one of four winners of the Fields Medal in 2010. Huzefa offers a quick rundown of his take on the book thus far, and also shares a lovely excerpt from the book that explains a complex equation used to model the behavior of gases. Tune in to hear the first thoughts on the book after Huzefa barreled through the first hundred pages on his flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and come back to hear his final thoughts after completing this fascinating read.

To check out the book on Amazon, go to https://www.amazon.com/Birth-Theorem-Mathematical-C%C3%A9dric-Villani/dp/0374536678/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1469115015&sr=8-1&keywords=birth+of+a+theorem

EP053: The science of faster learning

Huzefa parses and analyzes an amazing article by Zane Claes, author the Skill Cook Book blog and software engineer at Airbnb. Zane reviews a number of amazing and prominent neuroscience studies that offer beautiful insights into hacking and optimizing the learning process for students. Join Huzefa as he not only explains the studies and research contained within Zane's article, but also offers tips and strategies to optimize learning in light of the new data and information.

To check out Zane's blog, go to http://www.skillcookbook.com

EP052: 6 core tips for law school success

While in the midst of lecturing for a Law Preview course, Huzefa offers his 6 tips on how to suceed during the first year of law school. Drawing from his own experiences and what particular regimens allowed him to get the grades to transfer to Northwestern and nab a summer associate position with one of the best patent firms in the world, Huzefa shares the essence of his formula for good grades and ultimate preparedness.

To check out Law Preview, go to http://www.lawpreview.com

EP051: Fashion and mathematics: sitting down with interim CEO of Gilt Group Japan

Huzefa is joined by Jonathan Venuto, the COO and interim CEO of Gilt Japan. Jonathan describes his career path after Harvard Business School, discussing his work as a consultant for Bain, and eventually working for the fashion company Gilt Group. Tune in to hear Jonathan's amazing rise to CEO, and specifically how math has been an integral part of his formula for career success.

To learn more about Gilt Group, go to http://www.gilt.com/

EP050: Mistakes are great! 7 reasons why you should embrace them

In this episode, Huzefa discusses precisely why we have a cultural aversion to making mistakes that can be unintentionally restrictive and mentally oppressive. Huzefa shares mistakes from his own experience that have helped him grow as an educator and a person. He even reads from an insightful article on the value and benefits of making mistakes often.

To check the aforemrentioned article, go to http://www.purposefairy.com/6464/7-reasons-why-not-making-mistakes-is-the-biggest-mistake/

EP049: A cup of English

This episode features the Anna Riggan, the creator of the top rated education podcast "A cup of English." Anna is a former high school and college level educator who has a passion for teaching the intricacies of the English language to all eager students across the globe. Her podcast has been running since 2008, and has helped many folks learning English as a second or third language grasp the cultural nuances, tricky pronunciations, and grammatical oddities of English. During the show, Anna offers her views on learning the English language as well as a list of potent resources for English education.

To check out her show, go to http://www.acupofenglish.com

EP048: Math jeopardy! An interactive experience

While teaching math to a 4th grade class, Huzefa decided to use the Jeopardy game to excite his kids and engender a bit of enthusiasm about math. What he saw was astounding. The kids were extremely engaged during the game and everyone seemed to be having a blast! It was such a hit that kids from other math sections began asking if they could play as well. Huzefa even recorded the entire game and edited down to a 15 minute game show like video. Listen to Huzefa's experience as well as advice to avoid common pitfalls with respect to the competitive mindset. To check out the Jeopardy template for Powerpoint, click here: