EP010: The new SAT - understand the ins and outs of the redesigned math section

The College Board recently redesigned the SAT from top to bottom. After analyzing the test in great detail, I will share the major changes to the math section along with tips and strategies to maximize your score with this brand new format.

EP009: Teach your kids effectively: 7 tips for parents trying to help with homework

Asking parents for help can be a difficult undertaking for kids. It can make them feel embarassed or unsuccessful, and these feelings can be amplified if a parent approaches homework the wrong way. Tune to hear exactly what you should and shouldn't do as a parent if you are planning to help your child on a regular basis.

EP008: Identifying your child's learning style to enhance comprehension

There are seven distinct learning styles to be aware of: (1) interpersonal, (2) intrapersonal, (3) verbal, (4) logical, (5) visual, (6) auditory, and (7) kinesthetic. Math comprehension can vary wildly depending on which category (or categories) your child falls within. Depending on a particular teacher's pedagogy, a child may thrive or experience difficulty in math class. Learn the categories so that you can understand your child and help him/her succeed in math!

EP007: The night before a big test: how to calm your mind and optimize your performance

Hear Huzefa's play by play for the night before a big test like the SAT, ACT, LSAT, and so on. He covers everything from what you should eat, what you should do to relax, and what time you should wake up on test day.

EP006: Grammar and writing tools: Alex Munchak of Edge Tutoring shares her recommendations

Alex Munchak, a teacher, private tutor, and education enthusiast joins the show to give parents and teachers alike amazing information on the best online tools and resources to bolster English proficiency in a fun way! Hear Alex dole out helpful tips, provide useful recommendations, and even sing a grammar jingle!

EP005: Video games and mathematics: an interview with the founder of Activision, Howard Marks

Learn how mathematics is intricately connected to video game design and development. Howard Marks, the founder of Activision, joins the show to talk about why math knowledge is so fundamental to building video games. Hear his incredible education related insight along with his remarkable entrepreneurial success story.

EP004: Math anxiety: what it is and how to overcome it

While it may sound bizarre and made up, math anxiety is an actual condition that is quite common amongst students. It is similar to other sorts of anxiety or fear a person might encounter when doing something that is personally terrifying such as public speaking, interacting with strangers, or being around scary animals. Huzefa shares four key strategies to cope with and eventually eradicate math anxiety.

EP003: Succeeding with dyslexia: a student's perspective

Join Huzefa as he chats with Aris, one of his most dedicated pupils from Northern California. Aris candidly discusses his journey as a student with dyslexia, explaining how he eventually overcame his learning difference and developed a sincere love for academics. After making the principal's list and gaining admission into Stanford University's High School Summer College, Aris shares his valuable insights into how he learned to achieve success in school.

EP002: The Importance of Mental Math

Need to carry out some quick arithmetic to figure out how much money you owe your buddy? Pull out your phone and type away. It’s that simple. So why the heck do kids need to memorize the multiplication table? Because it is still crucial to a successful math career and a promising life thereafter. Don’t believe me? Tune in to hear precisely why mental math is still tremendously important and absolutely foundational.

EP001: Meet Huzefa, the founder of Scalar Learning

Huzefa is the founder of Scalar Learning. He is an education specialist, an online curriculum developer, a teacher, and a private tutor.

After high school, he attended the University of Michigan where he majored in computer science and economics. He then worked as a software developer for nearly three years before attending law school at Northwestern University. Because of his software expertise, he went on to become a patent litigator at two of the most prestigious intellectual property law practices in the country.

During his legal career, he worked with a number of fortune 500 companies who needed help protecting their patents. After practicing law for four years, he finally realized that he had to make a change. Patent law wasn't his end all be all. So what was he to do? "If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose." It was that very sentiment led him back to math education as a full time career.

In this inaugural episode, Huzefa shares his story of personal growth and development, and explains precisely why he left a career in patent law to pursue a labor of love in the field of education.