EP 193: Math Mastery for Kids with Learning Differences using ModMath

Josh and Dawn Denberg, the creators of the incredible free app ModMath, don't consider themselves education technology gurus, teachers or even mathematicians. Nevertheless, they recognized the glaring need for a technology that assists students who are struggling with writing difficulties. Their son has dysgraphia -- a learning disability that affects written expression -- making it a challenge to use handwriting to solve math problems. While students can easily understand the concepts behind the math, if they can't write the formula down legibly, it's pretty hard to solve it! 

ModMath was created to address this very real problem, as dysgraphia affects many students with autism, ADHD and other learning difficulties. The app serves as a tool and resource for students, not as a calculator. The app won't solve a math problem for you. It will however assist in the set-up of the problem, in a digital-grid like format, that works for any student struggling with writing. 

Fine motor skills, like writing, greatly impact a student's ability to learn math. When it comes to math, keeping numbers in the right columns, staying in-line during long division, dealing with decimals and carrying the numbers over all present challenges. With ModMath, that handwriting roadblock has been completely eliminated, and kids can focus on the real task at hand - learning math. 

ModMath is currently being used in 99 countries and has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times on iTunes. Just this year, ModMath saw a 90% increase year-over-year in users. At the request of teachers, parents and districts, ModMath will soon be making some upgrades and launching a new version. The app will become available on iOS, Android and Chromebook. Students will be able to integrate ModMath with Dropbox for easy collaboration on assignments with their teachers. They even plan to add a feature enabling students to upload a photo of a math problem directly into ModMath. 

Listen now as Josh shares with Huzefa the story behind this amazing app, the overwhelmingly positive feedback received to date, and plans for continually improving ModMath. 



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EP 192: Leading the Charge in Digital Resources with Shmoop

Andy Rahden is the new CEO of Shmoop, an award-winning digital publisher and provider of test-prep resources. No stranger to the EdTech industry, Rahden's most recent success was with Pluralsight. His experience in teaching, however, goes back much further, and began when he was a mechanical engineer... solving problems and teaching others how to solve them as well.   

As the new CEO, Andy has already implemented user experience changes to the website aimed at increasing the speed at which students progress. The meaning of the word "shmoop" is to gain progress, and that's exactly what the revamped user experience sets out to accomplish. The team at Shmoop has been analyzing the learning journey and how people digest content in order to customize each learner’s path to progress.

Listen as Andy and Huzefa discus test-prep, content creation, and the importance of humor in connecting with learners. Find out what else is in store for the digital education powerhouse, which is already being used by over 16 million students and teachers monthly!  












EP 191: Teaching Math via YouTube with MathMeeting

Chris Seber, a civil engineering graduate, found his calling teaching math to the world via his YouTube channel, Math Meeting. He is the founder of MathMeeting.com and creator of brain teasers, Rubik’s cube videos, and over 400 math tutorials that range from basic math through calculus. Chris chats with Huzefa about how he amassed over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and what's in store next for MathMeeting. He's currently studying the technical side of Data Science and has plans to bridge the learning gap between studying math and applying it to real-world scenarios. Listen in as Chris gives us some examples of how applicable math really is to our lives, and stay tuned for his brand new content in the Data Science realm where he will answer the question math educators hear so often... "When am I going to use math after I graduate highschool?"  









EP 190: Inspiring Creativity and Problem Solving with First Lego League Jr.

Alisha MacIntyre is the Head of Program Development and Lego Education at FIRST, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring kids through STEAM. Huzefa talks with Alisha about the origins of the FIRST Lego League Jr. Discovery program, which started over 20 years ago. Hosted in over 140 countries, the program has students as young as 4 years-old using Lego education to collaborate with others and build real world solutions for real world problems. She deconstructs the programs and explains the ideas of why and how students ‘playing’ with Legos and engineering helps not only embedding of math concepts but literacy, too.  











EP 189: Becoming a Super Learner Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi of SuperHuman Academy is a serial "entreprenewer”, life hacker, and author of The Only Skill That Matters and Super Learner.  Jonathan sits down with Huzefa to talk about his journey from being a kid being diagnosed with a learning disorder to graduating Berkley college by locking himself in his room and out studying his peers. After getting into a prestigious MBA program, Jonathan realizes he needs another way to succeed and luckily discovers accelerated learning right before he begins the program. In this chat, he introduces listeners to the concept of accelerated learning, memory banks and other tricks of how to become a super learner. 

Super Learner is out September 3rd!  http://superhumanacademy.com/book 

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EP 188: How to Alleviate Math Anxiety with Robert Adhoot of YayMath.Org

Robert Adhoot an author, TEDx speaker, and math educator. He is the founder of the YayMath.org which is a collection of engaging math video lessons. Huzefa sits down with Robert to bond on their love for math and explain why math can be street performance art.  Robert defines "math anxiety" and the effects it has on people of all ages. Robert gives in-depth tips on how the math fear can be alleviated and explains why teachers must forge the bond to get students to learn.













EP 187: Chetna Vasishth of ChetChat on How to Effectively Increase Focus and Concentration

Chetna Vasishth is the Founder of ChetChat, the largest online chat show in the ed-tech arena. Based in Mumbai, India, ChetChat provides career guidance, entrepreneurial success stories and video chats with professionals. Huzefa speaks with Chetna about how she went from a career in banking to working in the exciting online education space. She shares her steps on how to find the right career, how she created the best study techniques and how anyone can effectively increase focus and concentration.










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EP 186: Addiction Education for Children + Teens in 2019

Phillip Markoff (aka CGKid) is an Addiction Education YouTuber and blogger based out of Dallas, Texas. Phillip sits down with Huzefa to share his experience with addiction, recovery and his path to educating the public in illicit substances through his YouTube channel. Phillip explains why stories offer addicts recovery and gives them hope that sobriety is possible. In this discussion, Phillip gives insight into what he would currently change about drug education in schools and what he thinks is effective for making a difference for kids struggling with addiction.











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EP 185: Reading to your Kids Like a Superstar Parent with Novel Effect

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have traded stories. While some stories teach lessons, others simply serve to pass the time. Families have read stories to each other by the light of countless fires and through this tradition, bonds have been made that cannot be broken. As we move forward into the digital world, the Novel Effect app serves as a wonderful enhancement to this time-honored tradition.

The idea for Novel Effect was created in 2015 when Matt and Melissa Hammersley were expecting their first child. In honor of their literary-themed baby shower, the couple received a simple gift from a close friend. While reading On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman, their friend, Toby, accompanied her reading of the book with sound effects. As everyone at the party was captivated, the husband and wife knew they had found something magical.

Matt and Melissa worked to create Novel Effect, a voice-guided app that would follow along with the reader and play accompanying sound effects, bringing the story to life. Following a relocation to Seattle and an early partnership with retail giant Amazon’s Alexa Fund, the couple appeared on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. Fielding multiple offers from their appearance, they eventually decided to continue the partnership with Amazon. As of May 2018, Novel Effect managed to raise $3 million in funding and in addition, win a Webby Award for ‘Best Integrated Mobile Experience.’

The 5-star rated Novel Effect app is compatible with mobile and tablet devices and is available as a free download for either iOS or Android operating systems. Since the Shark Tank appearance, over 50,000 downloads of the app have been made. Currently featuring over 250 books with soundscapes, the company is constantly adding more! Users can either read along with their own copy of the book or have access to a library of e-books. Popular titles include: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Cat In The Hat, Guess How Much I Love You, and even poetry titles such as The Cow by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Whether you are a parent, caregiver, or teacher, Novel Effect will make it easier for you and your child to come together around a book and share a memorable moment.



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EP 184: Integrating and Optimizing School Data with ASSIST

Through advancements in technology and the development of the growing EdTech field, we often find ourselves with a little too much of a good thing. We have comprehensive systems for every aspect of education, from student info to curriculum and learning platforms. While educational institutions utilize separate types of information management systems, ASSIST offers a streamlined single integrated education management system for K-12 schools.

In 2017, CEO and co-founder of ASSIST Michael E. Spencer found that there was a great need for a fully-integrated, student data (SIS), student learning management (LMS) and curriculum management (CMS) system. Building on the existing system constructed by a team of educational practitioners, this cloud-based platform provides seamless integration of the key components of an educational institution into one easy to use system.

ASSIST features benefits for districts and schools, including streamlined application and enrollment processes, student data management, and reporting. Many internal functions can be managed as well, including calendar organization, staff management, accounting, and professional development tools. Students and parents benefit from individual student portfolios, parent and student portals, increased communication with teachers, calendar features, and 24/7 access to valuable information.

Educators benefit from the multitude of features the cloud-based system provides, from your basic attendance and grade book to resource library and digital content management. ASSIST partners with over a dozen top education companies, allowing individual plans to be developed with access to their database of curriculum.

ASSIST offers deliverable programs in addition to their customizable content, notably the US high school diploma, English language learning certificate programs, and STEAM. The company has expanded into the international market with Malaysia set to implement the Flex School model and is in the process of developing many new and exciting features.