EP109: Student roundtable - 6th grade

Welcome to the inaugural Student Roundtable episode! Join Huzefa as he sits down to discuss the first week of school with three of his students. Huzefa listens to their favorite and least favorite parts of the week along with their ideas going forward.

EP108: Student roundtables - a precursor

Starting tomorrow, Huzefa will interview his students on a weekly basis every Friday. This will be an amazing opportunity for students to voice their opinions about the curriculum and general school dynamic as well as offer feedback to to their teachers. Tune into this brief episode to get an idea of what's in store for the Student roundtables.

EP107: Hack Club - a chance to empower high school students through coding

In this episode, Huzefa interviews Zach Latta, an education wunderkind leading the charge for kids who are aspiring programmers. Tune into this interview to hear all about an amazing way for kids to be proactive coders and develop apps and websitses that they truly want to use.

To visit Hack Club, go to http://hackclub.com

EP106: Developing emotional stability

In this personal episode, Huzefa shares a life event and how his lengthy journey of self-development prepared him to handle the potentially tumultuous transition with ease. Moreover, he explains precisely why emotional strength is so important to being happy and successful in life.

EP105: The importance of social and emotional learning

Huzefa touches on the hugely important area of emotional development called Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Check out this episode to understand precisely what SEL is, why it's so massively important, and how to help your kids develop socially and emotionally to be healthy, happy, and productive.

To check out the related article, go to http://www.edutopia.org/blog/why-sel-essential-for-students-weissberg-durlak-domitrovich-gullotta

EP104: Revelations from the first day of school

After beginning his first day as a 6th grade teacher, Huzefa shares some huge insights and revelations he gained about standardized tests and general student concerns.

EP103: An entrepreneurial activity blueprint for parents

In this episode, Huzefa shares an awesome article from PBS.org about a father's journey to develop an amazing activity for his two daughters who yearn to start a business knitting scarves for dolls.

To check out the article, go to http://www.pbs.org/parents/adventures-in-learning/2016/06/small-business-startup-activity/

EP102: 7 reasons why martial arts is amazing for kids

Schools constantly talk about the importance of exercise and physical activity. Unfortunately, some kids aren't that into team sports. For those children that don't like prototypical sports, martial arts is an amazing way to get excercise and gain amazing mental focus. Tune into this episode to hear precisely why participation in martial arts can be so rewarding.

To check out the article, go to http://breakingmuscle.com/family-kids/7-reasons-why-your-child-should-practice-martial-arts

EP101: Socratic: homework done in a snap

Huzefa interviews Chris Pedregal, founder of the education company Socratic. After appearing on the Forbes 30 under 30 for pioneers in education, Chris' revolutionary company is changing the face of education. Hear about this amazing app and how it helps students learn chemistry using a confluence of artificial intelligence and open source feedback from educators around the world.

To check out the company website, go to www.socratic.org
Download the FREE app in the app store today!

EP100: 4 childhood lessons to unlearn

In this episode, Huzefa dives into the following four lessons that are worthwhile to unlearn: (1) filter what you say, (2) follow orders without question, (3) don’t quit things because you don’t like them, and (4) you have to be good at many different things. Tune in to hear Huzefa's take on each one.