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Huzefa in the Media

  • Featured on CBS Los Angeles and WFAA Dallas regarding math music videos
  • Featured on Buzzfeed regarding “5 Reasons Why This Singing Math Tutor Is My Hero”
  • Featured on the Business Rockstar’s Podcast regarding “Huzefa Kapadia on the Business Rockstars Podcast”
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  • Featured on The Edtech Awards regarding “The Edtech Awards: Cool Tool Finalist 2018”
  • Featured on TillyWig regarding “Tillywig Toy and Media Award – Brain Child”
  • Featured on regarding “MoMath Open Set Winner”

Speaking Engagements

  • Presenting on “Teaching Math on YouTube Like a Legend” at the following conferences: NTA (2021), OLC (2021), SITE (2021), DLAC (2021), ISTE (2021), CAMT, and NCTM Annual Meeting (2021)
  • Presented on “Building a High Quality Flipped Classroom via Self-Made Video Courses using Final Cut and Udemy” at the NCTM Annual Meeting (2019), ASCD Empower 19 Conference (2019), and CAMT conference (2019)